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Fort Erie, ON
reply to donoreo

Re: [Serious] Rural Poverty

said by donoreo:

This is very true. A friend of mine left town, but "never left". While going to university in Kingston with us, she never had a boyfriend at school, always at home (not the same one either, she would get new ones). She was home almost every weekend as well. She did eventually live in Toronto for a few years, still going home almost every weekend and had several boyfriends back home during the time, and moved back as soon as she could.

Sounds like my wife. Went to school in Hamilton but didn't enjoy one moment of it and immediately returned to Fort Erie the day she was done. She even finds St. Catharines to be the "big city" which still makes me laugh.

Her two sisters, on the other hand, went to school in London and never returned to Fort Erie for any extended period of time. They both now live in Ottawa.