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Saint Paul, MN
reply to Snakeoil

Re: Professions: Looking for Amounts of resources needed.

said by Snakeoil:

Now the question is:
Get to 90 first, then professions, or do professions as I level?

If you have matching professions, i.e. herbs/scribe, do as much as you can while leveling. If you have to buy mats or transfer from another toon do it when you feel like it.

I'm having some issues leveling professions with my monk. Running as much heirloom gear as possible I'm getting about two levels per dungeon run so I'm leveling faster than I'm gathering. If you see you're having the same issue you might want to wait for 90.
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Mentor, OH
I've noticed how fast monks level. my panda monk is nearly ready to hit Burning Crusade lands. And I already have 2 lev 63 toons there. I wish there were more zones to lev up in then just the zone cycle introduced in Burning Crusades.

Meaning before lev 60, I could level up one either continent and had a couple of zones to pick from.
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