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Mountain View, CA
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Re: IPS Monitor Pivot The best of both worlds Portrait Landscape

Interesting monitor. My biggest problem (so far) with IPS panels is what's called "IPS glow" particularly when viewed from specific angles. I'm aware Asus' site blabs about the viewing angles looking great for colour/picture -- which is true -- but when I see stuff like this:


Combined with my own experience with a Dell U2412M (which is an S-IPS panel), which mimics these folks' experience. My experience was 100% identical to the first video, except in a well-lit room, which should give you some idea how major this can be:


I'm left wondering if the PB238Q has the same problem. In fact, from what I've read on HardOCP, this is a common issue with IPS in general.

And here's a great video showing why this is such a problem, although this video is for a PLS vs. S-PVA panel (and I do have a Dell 2407WFP rev A02 which is S-PVA and that kind of glow/issue is not present on mine, and the viewing angles are fantastic):


With regards to the U2412M (which I had to return), I intended for it to be used as either my primary monitor or a second monitor -- secondary was completely out of the question given the glow from even slight angles, and once I made it my primary I realised it also wouldn't work (I couldn't read any text in the bottom right or bottom left of my screen, despite facing the monitor head-on).

Everyone rags on the U2412M for it's colour gamut being 6-bit or whatever, but honestly I saw no issue (even with extreme gradients; the colour was absolutely gorgeous). What I did see, however, was heavy glow that made text/areas of the screen basically unreadable at even small angles (even 10-12 degrees).

The best advice you give is your last line: go to a store and use one of these panels yourself. However, ask to use the panel in a room that's lit much like the room in which you plan on using the monitor. Most stores have bright fluorescent or LED ambient lighting, which is generally not how people have their household rooms lit.
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