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Hollywood, FL

RB750Up/Omnitik UPA-5hnd Reliability

Good day...

Have a situation where we cannot or it becomes extremely difficult to run another cat5e cable outside. I've used the rb750up on several occasions but not enough to be comfortable with it.

Can anyone chime in out it's outdoor performance. I.e. sealed enclosure and in direct sunlight for at least half of the day ? The same for the Poe version of the omnitik.

Plan on powering a Unifi AP (Lr) and an Omnitik. (Maybe a nanobridge or SXT in the future.

The Glitch
Cayuga, ON
rb750up Im not comfortable at all with when it comes to its PoE functionality.

I have several outside at top of towers but Im not using the PoE. I could never trust it, it let me down more than anything.

I strip out the power pairs and connect them together manually, I can power 4-5 radios and the 750 itself off of one cat5 run and one UBNT 1 amp supply (130-140 feet) or 10 radios with 2.
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reply to warwick
We have only one 750UP as POE extender. The first run is a 280' CAT6 up to the 750UP then there is a 90' CAT5 run to a UBNT 2.4gHz Bullet. The whole thing is powered by the MTK's stock power supply, can't remember if it's 1 or 2A. The 750 is being powered via POE with a passive POE injector at the source. We had issues at first but it was fixed with firmware upgrade, it is currently v5.14. It has been running by MONTHS without a single hiccup. Both, where the power supply is and where the 750UP are, get very hot in summer and cold in winter. A while back there was a pissing contest in UBNT forum how the 750UPs were not reliable and on and on. I can say that at least, for us, it has worked perfectly.


reply to warwick
I have a 750UP outside in an enclosed box here in Wisconsin I setup 49 days ago.

Looking at it now, 49day up time, served 1.29TBs to about 80 users. CPU usage is fluctuates between 5% to 30%. So far so good.
I did have issues with watchdog rebooting it before but that appears that it was a bad config on my part.