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Snohomish, WA
reply to jsjones008

Re: Getting New HSI Account in My Name

Find out what you/she owes $800 for (as rody_44 See Profile said unreturned equipment could be a lot of it, $800 if in monthly fees must be a number of months behind) and then make an agreement to pay off any reasonable/undisputed charges with payments if needed.
BTW if the bad credit gets reported, other providers (DISH, Telco) may note the address and name being the same and charge very high deposits, in the long run the $800 (or final actual balance) is pretty cheap.



Apparently she didn't pay in July and fell a month behind. She was also late on her November payment (wasn't much we could do, all the bills hit the same week and I helped as much as possible). They went ahead and tacked on December as well (as they usually do), so in reality she probably only owes around $540. She is taking our equipment back tomorrow, so I'm sure it'll bring it down a little more.

Our bill month to month was $250ish with the Triple Play package. So it does add up in the end. There is no overage charges or anything, because I never made it even close to the 250GB cap.

Cool Cat
Happy Valley

There are no "overage" charges for going over 250GB. With what's been already said; find out what she owes, try to negotiate an acceptable sum down to get HSI only activated & the rest spread out with your new monthly invoice. If you have a credit card, you can enroll in auto-pay which may also help restore faith in your account with them. (just an option).

Chanhassen, MN
reply to jsjones008

If you have same last names you are sol if you get employee who is paying attention. Your best bet is to get a direct sales guy to sell you chsi. All they care about is the sale and the ones that key their orders are usually temps or newbies who don't give a hoot. you could always pay the bill.


reply to jsjones008

said by jsjones008:

Our bill month to month was $250ish with the Triple Play package.

and I thought that my DirecTV before was already outrageous at $150...

why didn't she downgrade the services soon enough so she wouldn't get a ding on her credit report...she could have done that instead of fighting it out with comcast when she actually agreed to it.


Jersey City, NJ
reply to jsjones008

The increases your mother saw had to do with the fine print in the contract, and/or changes in taxes.