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Downingtown, PA
reply to texastown

Re: Verizon to use cameras/microphones to monitor us for ads?

said by texastown:

JPL, you write well and are often an apologist for corporate conduct, whatever that may be at the moment.

You may be comfortable with the continuously escalating invasion of our privacy by corporations and the government. That is your privilege.

I find it both intrusive and as it spreads and gets more accepted, disturbing.

Believe that no one will use any of this information for anything other than ads if it makes you comfortable. The truth is, it will be used as the "collectors" want. Whatever that may be, and I don't like it.

You're misreading part of what I wrote. I don't like invasion by the government - as I was abundantly clear about in my postings. Because government can engage in coersive behavior. What's more they have things like militaries and law enforcement that can take away your liberty. Private companies are a different entity altogether. The are private entities that are treated, per the law, as individuals. You have recourse against them. The data that they gather could be used for no purpose directed against you. What in the world could Verizon do if they did take a picture of you sleeping on the couch? It's on par with having your neighbor look in your window. Yeah, it's creepy, but if I found my neighbor doing that, without my permission, I would have recourse. Same thing with a company like Verizon.

I'm not being a corporate apologist. I just think way too many people attribute things to companies that aren't based in reality. Companies aren't angels... but they're not devils either. Sometimes some step over the line... just like individuals do. And when they do, you have legal recourse against them. Especially if they were acting with intent.

I guess I don't understand the gnashing of teeth over a system that doesn't even exist. You're engaging in wild conjecture on what such a system could/would entail - but such a system doesn't even exist.

And if such a system were created, and you were really that concerned about what Verizon was engaging in, then drop them. That's what I mean by all of this. With the government, you have no choice. You can't just pick a new government if you don't like what this one is doing. But with a private enterprise, you get to decide whether you do business with them or not. You make it sound like Verizon will send their goons into your house, and force you to sign up for their service.