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Fremont, OH
reply to Cheese

Re: Goverment and thier Rules....

The reason is Google couldn't get the rules bent and had to deal with taxes. And then add customer service on top of it. You can bet if someone was treated the way Nexus customers were/are treated that Google would have some issues with Voice customers. Something Google does NOT want to deal with.

Naples, FL
Proof of this claim? Regardless, the rules and regulations in place, they hinder smaller companies from competing, that was my point.


Chicago, IL
Google small


Chesterfield, MO
reply to TBBroadband
Aren't you kind of making the point? I agree that Google could easily pay someone to figure it out for them but why are the taxes on a telephone so damn complicated? Who decided years ago that this bold, new-technology device needed a list of fees, taxes and special surcharges as long as your arm?

When taxing something based on use so that the burden of something is shifted to those who derive the most benefit, fine but everyone has a phone so why are all of these static fees added to everyone's bill? Why does someone pay double if they have two phones? Why don't we simplify things and remove all the bullshit taxes and fees from telephones and just add the revenue back as a line-item to state income taxes? It doesn't have to be a percentage, it could just be a line item charge.

If we did this, then telecommunications providers would all be equal in terms of price and when they advertise $19.99/month for unlimited local and long distance, it would actually be $19.99/month.