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Re: doesn't stop anyone

Not Really because Ive had them pin point my area before when an accident happened to a vehicle traveling in front of me that hit a dear on a empty highway, it did not take them more than a few minutes( 10 mins +/-) thats with calling my cell provider, I knew what road I was on but had no idea how far In I was on it. Now its not as fast as having a physical address pop up on the 911 operators screen when theres a home emergency but they are still able to find you rather quickly if needs be. Also if your at home I'd hope you know your own address anyway to give to A 911 operator ( exception to small children) in case of an emergency. It really depends on what system is in use in what part of the country and "area" pin pointed me down to with in 500 yards in the case I spoke of.

There are dozens, if not scores, of places to get very reasonable IP telephone service. Only an IP telephone (about $25 and up) connected directly to the router or computer is needed. This avoids conversion from old analog phones, and their crappy audio.

Google surely knows this; they should publish a list of companies that offer this service. Eventually somebody else will if they don't.


Fremont, OH
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And that's what i said. But thanks for reposting . As i said, most of the country is NOT upgraded to e911's 2nd stage of updates. it stopped with caller id.

Also not many people can remember their own name in an emergency let alone their address. I was attacked one night outside of my house. I could get back to my door, but couldn't figure out what key to use to get inside, nor remember my name and address. I had a landline then and was greatful for it as 911 was able to find me. With my cell, no so lucky, even in major metro areas.


·T-Mobile US
your example only shows just the difference in persons you and I are, as I have been in an emergency situation before and I was able to rattle of the address of the friends house I was at and give it to the 911 operator and what was happening right in front of me. Then again you live in Toledo you may want to consider moving to a safer area.

please cite your source and show me where the 98% its not operational at as for one I know its available in most of FL.