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Lumberton, TX
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Re: Official Guild Wars 2 Thread

After spending a couple of days in Orr, I freely offer that the undead (Risen) in GW2 will pown any undead I can remember in WoW. I did a couple of suicide runs through some large packs (there are no small ones in Orr) to reach some POIs and Waypoints. The outcomes were hilarious. Stuns, knockdowns, yank-backs, cripples, fears had me lit up and behaving like a cheap pinball machine. I hopped, rolled, ran, dove, flipped, you name it, in an attempt to survive. I even had one run past me like we were racing while I was speed boosted. lol

At one point I fell through a friggin crack in the earth only to find myself amongst another mass of Risen. And just what the hell is going on with these Risen Chickens? You kill them, they explode, and a Risen Grub comes out of their remains. Absolutely awesome!
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Yar I hate those Risen... the aggro range has to be adjusted and they seem to chain off each other, pulling massive #s if you piss one off. Extremely smart for undead mobs, smarter than living NPC mobs like pirates...


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I would be able to take on about 12 of them, but they freakin stunlock you like a red headed step child

the worst ones are the farmer risen with shovels, be prepared to be perma stunned


i would like to see more variety in the future... we have pirate risen and seashore karka!

how about some good old fashion lava demons!

western cursed shore has these GIANT nails that attack you from anywhere