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Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN
reply to harald

Re: Contractor Work

said by harald:

Please see the original post, where it is stated that the original wire was to have been replaced, whatever it might have been.

No where does the OP say that the old wire was replaced. It says that the area was rewired. This could mean that existing wiring was attached to new wire.

I have never seen wire like that other than K & T, and I got through engineering school doing old work. (not counting commercial, where you might find building wire in conduit like that.)

Here you go. Now you can't say that anymore.

Yes, there are often needs for an old work box, but note that this box was allegedly installed before the drywall, and was subsequently relocated by running a cable to what was likely an old work box.

The OP said that paneling was taken down along with the plaster and lath and drywall put back up. That doesn't mean that was the case with this wall. Or that they didn't screw up the placement of the box where it's at. ("Hey Bob, we forgot that there was suppose to be a light switch here, so I put a box here." "You're an idiot John, the box was really suppose to go over there").

We can play arm-chair electrician all day but with what is posted and what we know for sure, nothing definitive can be decided. If the OP has questions about the work, he should ask the electrician or the general contractor who's doing the work. There is absolutely no problem asking:
a. why was old wiring used
b. if it was k&t
c. why was an old box used (not that it really matters anyways)