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Re: Wow, I can't see this being abused...

said by Telco:

said by music4praise:

What advanced nations are you talking about? And what, specifically not generally, makes them advanced in this case?

Western Europe, Scandinavian countries, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand etc etc etc.

Their quality of life, modern infrastructure, low crime rates, robust economies, low rates of poverty and so forth make them advanced.

Yes, because the decades running recession, cultural tendency to be conformist, and strict laws on owning anything more deadly than a steak knife have nothing to do with that (at least in the case of Japan).

As far as poverty goes, you must be joking, Western Europe has more people on welfare per capita than the United States. In addition Western Europe is facing the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression, and many of the Western European nations are facing stagnant economies and the risk of defaulting on their loans.

Spain: Population 47,190,493
Unemployed Over 5,000,000 (9.5%)
Population living below the poverty line: 19.8%

United States: Population 311,591,917
Unemployed Around 24,600,000 (7.9%)
Population living below the poverty line: 15%

Japan: Population living below the poverty line: 16%
Unemployed: 4.2%
Germany: Population living below the poverty line: 15.5%
Unemployed 5.4%

Those countries aren't the utopias the media and you believe them to be.