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Lanett, AL
reply to StumpMan

Re: [MoP] Still in combat

Been noticing this too over the last couple of days only (read: after 5.1). It happened originally when I first got the Kovok daily like others mentioned. I did that one first and it ported be back to the daily zone on the 200th kill and kept me in combat for a little while. Moved over to the QM to vendor junk and it went away. Went off to the island for the rest of the dailies and was stuck in combat the entire time over there.

/reload didn't work, couldn't logout/exit properly so killed wow and upon login again I'm STILL in combat. Close wow again and search Google. See lots of people over the last couple of days bitching about this (since 5.1 mainly) and one blue post saying to delete the cache folder along with interface and WTF. I deleted cache but left the others as I didn't want to reinstall my addons. Logged back in and either the cache folder did it or I was offline long enough to force it to reset.

The second time I did the Kovok daily, I saved it for last and upon being ported back I was still in combat but by the time I turned all the dailies in I was out of combat. I haven't noticed anything with Halfhill dailies but I should hit exalted with tillers today so that won't really be an issue for me there on my DK (other toons may still be an issue there).