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reply to Eug

Re: Ironic

said by Eug:

Ironically, you totally missed my point. Some ads have had no talking at all, and no idiotic caricatures, yet were amongst the most effective.


Apple did this kind of thing AFTER they already had the brand awareness and they do use a SEXUAL approach with the ad you pictured. If everyone did this exact style of AD, it would become soo background white noise and wouldn't be effective.

This ad is for a product that at this point was already known based on looks and appearance. It's not going to make anyone RUSH out and by the product, nor will it make me or anyone pick this product over another, if I already didn't know about APPLE. Apple is quite a bit different than an ISP, as they have a monopoly on their products. There is only 1 IPOD. Mp3 players have millions of choices. Different approach for a different product and client.

If Teksavvy had a monoply, and was fully BRAND AWARE, this type of ad would work.. Right now, they need to stick out from the NOISE to get attention, which works via CRAZY/ODD or SEX approaches. The Teacher if that's all you would see, does make you look and wonder what it's about. Which from seeing people on the TTC in Toronto.. It works.

My point long ago is how some get all uptight about any suggestion of anything remotely sexual. I'm sure there are people who find the APPLE IPOD ad offensive. You can't please everyone. I just hope TSI doesn't get cold feet, because a few hyper-sensitive people complain. THE US, having so many "RELIGIOUS" people are not even this uptight.