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[Internet] Bell Fibe 25/10 with Sagemcom modem and ASUS RT-N66U

I just had my Fibe 25/10 hooked up with the Sagemcom "Connection Hub" modem.

I already have the amazing Asus RT-N66U I was using before, and am planning on continuing to use. I have a question that I know has been asked before, but im hoping someone can go into more detail.

What is the best way to hook up this up to optimize my connection. Also keep in mind that I DO NOT have Fibe TV.

1) Configure the Connection Hub with the Bell login information, and enable DMZ mode on the Connection Hub set to the IP address of the Asus Router, disable the wireless on the Connection Hub. Finally set the Asus to automatic IP.

2) Reset the modem to factory, clear out the login info, disable wireless and DHCP. Set the router to PPPoE and enter the bell information in there.

Thanks guys



Re: [Internet] Bell Fibe 25/10 with Sagemcom modem and ASUS RT-N


No need to set anything in the Bell modem. Just make sure to disable wireless in the sagecom. I think the sagecom have a default login that cannot be removed. Just leave it. Doesn't matter if you leave the DHCP. It will not affect the ASUS and will make it easier to access the sagecom again if you need to.
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I've posted something similar today. Setup #2 will see disconnects when the bell modem tries to initiate a pppoe connection with whatever bogus information he's entered in the username/password fields as you cannot remove the default logins. And you cannot initiate a pppoe connection with a third party router when there is already one initiated with the default logins.

reply to coaxguy
If you leave the default login information in the sagemcom (saxxxxxx), using #2 wont cause any issue. i'm doing that since a long time, and also since the change of 1 concurrent login. Had no disconnection issue.
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