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said by tc1uscg:

said by TBBroadband:

Although more than 98% of 911 call centers - including major metro areas- do NOT have GPS tracking on cell phones. They can see your number but not your location. To obtain that location would take time and some man work with the phone companies. And then you don't even get an address, you get an "area" off the cell tower.

E911. It works and has nothing to do with GPS. Not as close but darn close and enough to get help on the way. Once your call routes to your PSAP, it's the phone companies system that provides your location and unless the 911 op knows what they are doing, most use to not go to the proper screen to obtain this info. It's not the same field as the persons address. I've done hundreds of 911 test calls during my years with Sprint and 9 times out of 10, I had to 'remind' them to go to the next page/screen to see my location. Which in the beginning, was the address to the tower that i was connected to. Those kinks have for the most part, been worked out.

It can use GPS, in fact early on Verizon Opted for GPS while ATT opted for Cell triangulation, both had pros and cons but I'm sure its changed and can use a combination of methods to get the information.
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