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Rider on the Storm
not Sweden
reply to beachintech

Re: CATV issue- box freezing and reboots.

said by beachintech:

said by nunya:

You might consider one of these: »www.cabletvamps.com/Products/ERA-4100.htm to use in conjunction with your existing amp.

Do not install this. Reverse amps should only be installed by the MSO, not a homeowner without a meter. They are very rarely needed. From the sounds of it the issue is most likely outside of your house.

Have you tested a single box bypassing the amp yet?

I offered to do that for the tech, but he is convinced that it's not the amp nor the house wiring, and declined my offer to do that. He is suspecting it's something in the headend or a return signal issue. They're hoping to catch a freeze-up on the sling box and take it from there.

When he and I checked his laptop displaying the noise on the return frequency, it looked pretty clean (at least that moment). Is my typical return signal strength of 34-35 dBmV high enough to overcome most noise? I know a cable modem can go upwards of 55 if needed to overcome noise... what should I be pushing to get a quality return signal?