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[TV] Cancelling Cable and Internet - Rogers

Need advice.

I just got off the phone with them to cancel tv and internet and was told i required a technician to come in and remove all the outlets on the day my service ends (30 days from now). I have lived in this house from almost 5 years (35 year old house) with only rogers service but the previous owner had all bell services. I only recall a technician drilling a hole in the floor up to 2 tv's (no wall outlets). Do they not just need to disconnect it at the box on my street? Will these clowns charge me for this removal?

Please help!!!!

also, I am going with start communications for internet (also cable)



Curious, what kind of a deal did they offer you to stay?


Scarborough, ON
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There is no charge to remove outlets, but they generally don't care to disconnect the outlets in the home as it's just a waste of a truck roll. They'll put a filter on your line anyways to prevent you from stealing TV services. I'd call back and speak to another rep.


London, ON

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I'm pretty sure you don't need anyone to come to your house. What are they going to do, tear your cable outlets out of your walls and leave holes there? Are they just going to go into your basement, or to wherever the cable enters your house and is split to the rest of your outlets, and unscrew a few co-axial cables? I would be seriously interested in what they claim the technician has to do inside your house, exactly.

Since everything is digital now they can disconnect/disable your cable just form their computers, even if it's not digital then yes they can just do it at the boxes on the street (or sometimes there is a box on the side of your house). Just tell them you're cancelling then take your cable boxes and modem to the nearest Rogers store. Make sure you get a receipt detailing everything that you've returned.

I live in an apartment, I have a single Rogers cable that enters my unit near my fuse box, it's split 3 ways then goes back into the wall to the outlets in my office, living room, and bed room. When I called to cancel cable last year (I kept internet) they said they were going to have to send a technician to disconnect 2 of the outlets since I'm just keeping internet. I explained that I really just have a single connection and it was ridiculous to send a technician to unscrew 2 wires (which I could just screw back in if I really wanted to). I wasn't going to sit at home for an afternoon waiting for that. I don't know if the phone rep ever quite understood how I could have 2 TV's and internet but really only have one outlet, but after enough insisting they finally said, ok just return your cable boxes and that'll be fine.

Even in a house you probably only have a single Rogers cable that actually enters your house, it just gets split then goes back into your walls to connect all the outlets throughout your house. And most likely those outlets and cabling were installed by an electrician when the house was built or sometime afterwards and not even by Rogers. I honestly think they use the "we have to send a technician to disconnect you" line just to hassle people who are trying to cancel their services.


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They will not enter your home and remove your outlets in the wall or any of the internal wiring. All that they will do is filter the line entering your home.

*edit* They may ask to take the equipment, and if they do make sure you get a receipt for it. I had the tech take my cable boxes when I cancelled and then had Rogers tell me I never returned them. Always get a receipt (they give you a printout when you return it to one of their store locations).