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Upgraded to Turbo, speeds slow after 2 weeks? (NYC)

Hi all. Quick question here. I recently upgraded to Turbo at 20mpbs speeds on 11/13.

I got to use it for a week before I left on a trip and was able to max out my speeds on downloads and such consistently.

I just came back a couple days ago and tonight I noticed I can't get speeds higher than 15mpbs down. It goes a little higher occasionally and dips down again, but it did that same pattern when I was on standard tier.

Any idea what could be causing this? I noticed TWC recently made 15mpbs standard and did my stuff get mixed up?

The only other possibility is that upon returning I also got a new router (ASUS RT-N56U) because my old one was dying. Could that be causing it? If it is I have no idea how to fix that lol.

The modem I have is the old RCA one. Really don't know model number.

Any insight is much appreciated. Thanks!!

Have you tried rebooting both your modem and the router? If not it may be thinking you have 2 routers attached and it's dumping the new one into the 15/1 profile or something.

Otherwise, call them. Shouldn't take long at all to ask them to confirm you're on the right tier and that your modem's provisioned correctly. However the last I heard was that they were requiring D3 modems for Turbo and up, so it may be that even though they initially provisioned your modem for the Turbo tier, their system caught it later and put you back on Standard.


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Woodside, NY
reply to elektrokuter
turbo is a gimmick. totally worthless garbage. if you upgraded your service because it was getting slow, its prob a utilization issue like i had. turbo wont help. you need to get wideband 30. its only 10 bucks more than turbo anyway and it ACTUALLY WORKS!!!