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Indy Sabre
Sabre Rider From Indianapolis

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Re: [WIN7] Mess with changing User Folders Location to non C:

Thanks for the replies.

The more I think about it I may just leave all as is (stock Win 7) and place my large MP3, Picture and Video folders on D: and not re-point the widows folders to them. I can then access them and share them separately as needed. I can then also keep them backed up using file sync backups like with synctoy to an external drive and my laptops.

Acronis TI would then just have to keep reasonable size images that would contain OS but also families "data" files so I don't have to back them up separately (as long as family keeps their files reasonably small). And besides everyone else may decide to keep more of their stuff on their laptops which I always offer to help them back up every few months.

All this is why I think most PCs and other devices will continue to move to user files being synced across multiple devices and BU'd somewhere (cloud or easily connected / accessed home NAS) separately from the OS and the O can be restored to last good state more easily.