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Edmonton AB
reply to Bauwoo

Re: Telus ADSL keeps timing out. Tech support says nothing wrong

@Bauwoo - an order getting stuck is a little different than this. They may only credit the from the time the problem started and only for the internet. Then again he may get lucky, hard to say. The free 3 months of Super Channel sounds like one of the regular promotions they offer to everyone whenever Super Channel is looking for customers. I've been offered that twice and I didn't even report problems with my service.

@ Dave E, Question that may seem unrelated but are you running wireless or hardwired or both? Do you have phone service and if yes are you using filters or a POTS splitter? It's still possible for it to be something physical with the connection the installer caused. When Telus checks the line from their end they should be able to see if there are errors or instability. If all else fails before the tech comes, check to ensure they've gotten Network Support to take a look to be safe. I'll assume you did the usual (and not always effective) rebooting of the modem at least once.

Dave E


The timeout problems stopped. All i did was run a virus scan, 1 trojan found and deleted. And do a windows update. Haven't had a problem since. I dont understand it. Maybe just a coincendence?