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For two years? Really?

These guys want everything on a platter and spoon fed. Why should tax payers foot the bill that lowers their privacy? How about seven days and if you can get a warrant for the person the provider will keep a log until needed?

Unreal. Let's store a bunch of garbage in the hopes we stumble upon a criminal. Good logic. I can see these guys catching the bad guys real quick if they are this desperate and bad.

There are all kinds of records that can be accessed without even warrants ever since Patriot Act and other crap. In my opinion NOTHING should be allowed to be accessed without a warrant. What kind of retarded logic is fishing and hoping something drops on their lap? How about doing real investigating and then once they have reason getting a warrant for additional evidence against a criminal?

I'm not against them having the ability to access the information. I am against the idea of putting all the information readily out there with little privacy. Mass information can lead this to be useful for other people besides law enforcement. Storing credit cards seems like a good idea, until the website database is hacked, and then the information is spread over the net. Not to mention the ability of corrupt employees to sell your info. No thanks. I like the privacy until real evidence surfaces. After that person should not be entitled to that privacy anymore after a warrant is issued.