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Hilo, HI
reply to cramer

Re: It's coming

said by cramer:

the upstream rate had been the same 384K since the tech was introduced in 1995. Only *recently* did they up it to 1M across the board. (various markets' "turbo" has 512 and 768 up, but the basic rate was 384k for over 15 years.) Downstream has seen numerous bumps to "compete" with DSL -- read: on paper, exceed it's speed -- however in every case that boiled down to simply changing a number in a config file. (there's no evidence they've ever put any thought into the effects of increasing the speeds *before* actually doing it.)

You are wrong. Downstream seldom gets increased. Hawaii will not upgrade Standard tier to 15mbps down until END OF FIRST QUARTER 2013 at the EARLIEST...it wlll probably be much later. They have to move analog TV channels to digital (over much bitching from customers) to free up the bandwidth.

Upstream is a different story. Oceanic TWC has given Road Runner customers 1mbps up for OVER 5 YEARS NOW on STANDARD TIER. Standard tier was 5mpbs down when we got 1mbps up. We got 1mbps up at that time for ONE REASON ONLY: the competition. Hawaiian Telcom had given their users 1mbps up and up to 11mbps down (of course most could not get the latter). They became the fastest ISP in Hawaii and were crowing about it. Oceanic acted fast and matched their 1 mbps up. Unfortunately, dsl is no competition for download speeds so OceanicTWC can take however much time as they wish to upgrade Standard to 15mbps down and to heck with the statement from TWC CEO that ALL divisions would have Standard at 15mbps by end of December. That will happen here only if forced by corporate which, given the last time corporate forced download speed upgrade on Oceanic (from 3mbps to 5mbps) caused the network to collapse for almost a week (including business users), I don't think they will force it.
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Raleigh, NC

Around here (RDU), the service was introduced at 3/384. Then it went through various "paper" upgrades to 5, 6, 7, 8, and then 10 down. The upstream rate remained 384 all the way to 10 down, when it finally saw an increase to 1M. Now they're moving to 15 down and still 1 up. At this rate, we'll have 100 down and still be 1 up -- actually, you'd have to go to D3 for that which is 50/5 and 30/5 right now, at much higher prices.

Again, around here, the best upstream rate you could hope to get is 512k via ADSL. Not surprisingly, when Uverse became available with it's 1 and 1.5 up, TWC suddenly jumped to 1M up, too. For a long time, they sold downstream rates that were self-throttled by the upstream rate; north of 6M down, the ACKs from multiple TCP connections can saturate a 384k upstream... a single connection can get the full rate, but add more (and most browsers will open up to 4 at a time fetching content for a single page) and it starts to fall apart.