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building new comp for wow and having an issue

This will probably get moved which is fine as Im not sure where to post this. Bought a barebones kit amdfx 6300, asus m5 motherboard and a raedon 6750 card. Had a friend put it together and at 1st could not get the monitor to recongnize it although all fans and lights were on. After applying some gentle pressure to video card, it started. Got everything installed, but the guy who put it together thought allignment was bad with the rough start so he took out the motherboard and reinstalled it all. Once again monitor is not recieving signal
Any suggestions on what to try

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Make sure the monitor cable is hooked up to the graphics card's output and not the motherboard's outputs (for integrated video/iGPU).

If that doesn't work, try taking out the GPU and trying the integrated GPU.

Try a different PCIe slot, if your mobo has multiple.

Try a different graphics card, if you have one.
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reply to tuladrin
Did you apply pressure from the card down to the slot or on the monitor cable to the port. I have a Radeon 6870 that if I use a VGA adapter (any adapter, I have tons of them, some still in bags) it will either not display anything or pressure on the port will actually get it to display something but will be missing a color or two. If I use DVI it works just fine.

Beyond that tidbit, I'd suggest what Kris suggested. Is it possible the standoffs used for the motherboard were too short? If they were short it would mean once an add-in card were "fully seated" to the retention bracket it wouldn't yet be all the way in the slot. I'd also suspect this will show up on the I/O panel with ports not lining up there too.