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Lexington, MI

[Line Problem] Screwed myself over I think

I've had AT&T DSl for several years now. I've always had a lot of problems on the line. My neighbors have the service too and theirs works fine. Their line stats (right next door) are a lot better than mine. I've had the DSL tech out many many times but he always just says I have to run the line slower. So we went from 6meg to 3meg to 1.5meg to 768k and now it won't even sync at 768. Frustration and AT&Ts lack of interest in helping me has led to me fiddling around inside the NID. Yeah I know, I know... I do have a technical background so it's not like I'm going to make it worse in there. The problem is I managed to lose the security screw. Now I'm worried if I get them back out to try to get 768 back they'll freak over it. Any advice? I know I'm an idiot so can we skip that part please?


Milwaukee, WI
·AT&T Midwest
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We live in a world where roadside underground pedestals sit with covers ajar for months because they don't want to spend the money to fix them. I wouldn't lose too much sleep over it.

I've seen them go years with no screw, just a zip tie. I dropped my own in the snow years ago and just put in a stainless or brass phillips head until the spring thaw. Had at least two techs out in the interim and none of them said anything about it or assessed any fees.

But you may be able to buy one. Security Hex, Pin Hex, I think ... Stainless?
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Dayton, OH
reply to dorksaber
Have you tried posting your issue in ATT Direct forum? Sometimes the techs in that forum can work miracles!!


Lexington, MI
reply to ArgMeMatey
I hadn't thought about it like that.They do seem to neglect the infrastructure don't they? I actually found the screws at mcmaster-car right after I posted, but I think I'm going to just zip-tie it and call in for service. Thank you, hopefully I can get some semblance of access back now.


Lexington, MI
reply to xzr1tv
I tried the direct forum years ago. They weren't able to help much as it appears to be an environmental interference issue. I've come to suspect that the problem is a transformer hanging on the same utility pole as my drop. RF or EM interference I would guess. It's the only thing I can come up with that explains why only my house is effected while everyone else on my road gets reliable service. I'm hoping that having been on 768k will force them to drop the "go slower" crap and actually find the problem.


Lexington, MI
reply to dorksaber
The tech came out today. Replaced my NID and something in the box on the corner. My SNR is now 20 and attenuation is 53. Thanks again guys!


Beaumont, TX
reply to dorksaber
Back in the old CB radio days of the 70's, there were people that would shoot the transformers that were causing interference to make the electric company replace them. Some times you can take a AM portable radio to track it down.
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