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Mount Pleasant, MI

[DSL] Frontier Router charges?

So yesterday I was talking to the chat support of Frontier about the internet outages in Michigan (which I now know had nothing to do with my current router, which is an old router that I've had since before Verizon switched to Frontier), and they said since my router is so old, they could send me a new one for free. I specifically asked if it was free and they assured me it was, so I was pretty sure that would mean my bill wouldn't go up either, since apparently we're still paying $6.99 a month for it. Now I googled things like frontier routers to try to find out what router they might send, and I've been seeing tons of posts about how apparently frontier is charging $15 a month for wireless routers for some people (My router from Verizon is wireless, a westell 7500, but we're getting charged $6.99), and they also might even charge an activation fee for you installing the router in your own house... Does anyone have any experience with this, and if they do try to increase the charge to $15 a month could I send it back? It's obviously a horrible deal considering I can get a decent router for a one time cost of $30. And don't they have to mention if it's going to increase the bill or something?

»img829.imageshack.us/img829/5043···199u.png Here is the conversation that I had with the support person who is sending me the router


Stanwood, MI
The best I can do is point you to this earlier discussion where they go over a similar situation at length:

»Package from Frontier..