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[Wired] SPA942 headset question

I'm trying to get a headset working for an SPA942. I bought this headset:

» ··· _s00_i00

It has the 2.5mm connection. I plugged it into my phone and tried to make a test call. The volume through the headset earpice is really really quiet. I turned up the volume and even went into the admin settings and turned up the gain, but it's still really quiet. I can hear fine on the other line when I'm talking.

I tried it in a different SPA942 and I'm still having the same problem. I looked online and the SPA942 doesn't require an amplifier or anything.

So then I'm just wondering if I just got the wrong thing. I looked online and this one was specifically recommended for the SPA942:

» ··· a+GN2100

Do I really need to shell out $50 instead of $6 for a headset? What's the huge difference in price for? Why would this other headset work and not the one I just bought?

Should I just try to return the one I already bought and try to get a replacement?

Middletown, MD
Kind of obvious but are you pressing the headset button?

Yes, I've tried that.