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Re: warlock dps to help cigtyme

Gave all my darkmoon cards to cig . Might need to do a serious herb run to make one before fairy over. I have all purp or 450 above, its just it didnt feel right in my rotation (I have read icy veins, eltist jerks and mmo champion guides). I just felt I was missing something, affi lock is so much different in MOP vs DS or seems that way atm.


Aurora, CO
Pretty much affliction is dot's and drains now. Hard casting is destro and demo gets a bit of both. For me it's a world different from my rogue as I can now pull DPS that feels like it's good for my gear level. Though I do still forget to swap my talents from questing to dungeons. Mostly the grimoire of superiority while questing to the one for sacrifice in dungeons. Makes a decent difference for affliction.