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New York, NY
reply to Omega

Re: The Walking Dead

said by Omega:

said by Octavean:

I was a little distracted during the final scene because of bloopers or rather inconsistencies,…..I’m sure others picked up on it. If I re-watch it I’ll try and ignore it to better get a feel of the acting.

Can you elaborate?

Anyway I though the episode was great. I watched most of it standing up cause it was so suspenseful. Also, is the black guy the guy from the first season?


The last scene with the Governor at the end looked like it was edited from at least three distinctly different takes. The first one I'll call the "baseline" (bandage firmly in place over clean gauze patch) and the second I'll call the "slip" (clean gauze patch over the eye is positioned noticeably lower then before). Finally the last one I'll call "over zealous makeup artist" (red tinge was added to the gauze patch).

I enjoyed the episode as well though. I really liked the opening scene as well as the closing scene,….and just about everything else in between,….