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Guelph, ON
reply to Warez_Zealot

Re: Buying some USA nickles for the intrinsic value.

Coins like all money are very dependent on many different factors.

I'm not sure a change in the composition of the coin would warrant the old coins suddenly/if ever becoming more valuable.

I collect coins out of my change mostly cause I think some of the designs look cool. I don't expect many of them to ever appreciate much in value due to the fact they are circulated coins.

I also am collecting pennies right now because they are going away. I expect that in 50 years, they will have value given they will no longer exist. Not a lot of value, but some.

I'd say if you want to grab a roll or two of coins, go ahead but I wouldn't drop 1k on coinage that likely won't appreciate a huge amount in the while.

My dog is an elitist
I bet none of your pennies are worth as much as this one would be, if you could get to it!

Anons on ignore, but not due to fear.
London, ON
i have a penny from 1858, but it is in rough shape (it looks like someone tried to drill a hold through it and use it as a "charm"...i don't know how much it is worth, but i'm not planning on using it for my retirement by any means...i just kept it because "it's neat".

Kingston, ON
reply to Wolfie00
said by Wolfie00:

I bet none of your pennies are worth as much as this one would be, if you could get to it!

(Image snipped)

The value of the penny, or the value of it based where it's gone? A 1909 VDB first year Lincoln head penny is worth $10-$20 based on condition... but to have the one that was used as the MAHLI calibration target on a Mars Rover? Priceless - couldn't set a $ amount -- if only you could figure out how to get it back to Earth!