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The Central Scrutinizer


Dry loop install - WTF? Are you kidding?

August 27 I sat at home waiting for a Bell tech to confirm a working dry loop at my house.

5pm. I go outdoors to find a notice of service from Bell in my mailbox saying I have a working dry loop. I didn't. No synch. No internet.

Long story short.

I complained to my ISP many times that my DSL wasn't working, never had worked and things needed fixing.

This shit went into late October, me calling my ISP and Bell saying all is well.

One day I caved and called my friend, who is a Bell employee who used his line lo-cater to find my line where it was CUT from idiot neighbors installing a fence. He repaired the CUT line and whaddya know, instant DSL synch.

The other Bell techs were lazy dicks. My friend is an amazing example of a dedicated Bell employee.

Moral of the story. Not a damned thing,
"Our criminal institutions are full of little creeps like you who do wrong things, and many of them were driven to these crimes by a horrible force, called MUSIC" Frank Zappa, Joe's Garage


Let me fix that for you...

My friend is an amazing example of a dedicated Bell employee friend.
I do not, have not, and will not work for AT&T/Comcast/Verizon/Charter or similar sized company.