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Re: I'll take FiOS

I think the reason he said it was a data center might be that Verizon won't let him divulge that information. Considering where they were working, they were definitely upgrading infrastructure. If it was for a data center, they would not be working in an area away from the downtown area (the areas I've seen them working was residential and retail, data centers tend to be in the central business district). And once you are away from the CBD, you are going away from the backhaul due to the geography of the area.

Verizon will probably jump start FiOS deployment in the future as their copper networks are reaching the end of their useful life and are becoming costly to maintain and losing subscribers. And there are no buyers interested in their remaining landlines. AT&T is trying to unload landlines and they are not having much luck so they restarted U-Verse deployment so they can make those profitable again. It would be nice if Verizon sold their Western Mass assets to AT&T so AT&T could expand their U-verse into the area (which they have U-Verse in Enfield, CT which is a 15 minute drive from my house).

Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ
most people in CT would rather be sold to Verizon. AT&T does not even know Connecticut exists.

when I lived in Danbury(a city of 80,000 mind you) it took AT&T/SBC until 2004 to even deploy DSL. ATT/SBC areas elsewhere in the country had already had DSL for much longer. ATT only has CT because well someone at SBC wanted to give an FU to Verizon.


said by Kearnstd:

AT&T does not even know Connecticut exists.

They call it Connect-I-cut.