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Germantown, OH
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Re: [WIN7] Mess with changing User Folders Location to non C:

Sounds like poorly-designed apps that are hard-coded to look at a location vs using something like "%USERDIR%" (not sure of exact variable name).

Richmond, VA
said by Hall:

Sounds like poorly-designed apps that are hard-coded to look at a location vs using something like "%USERDIR%" (not sure of exact variable name).

I agree, but these were major applications. I never had a problem doing it in XP, so I suspect it has something to do with the new name in WIN7 (maybe Vista too). I assume they were looking at %userprofile%\specific folder and hitting upon a junction point they could not deal with. In WIN8 they now renamed the document folder "My Documents", same for pictures, music, etc. which may because of the problems that were caused. I can't imagine any other reason for back-tracking to the XP names. I appreciate that for other reasons too.

For myself, I've never found a compelling reason to do it. Give me one disk drive and one partition plenty big enough and my life is simple and I am happy. Image the drive occasionally and back up your data regularly and redundantly.

Saint Paul, MN

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You'd be amazed at how many poorly coded/designed apps there are out there. The number that don't allow you to change the install directory is amazing.
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Burnt Out Cynic
People can also redirect folders, and subst drives. I just found it easier to save what I needed on another drive, but there are some prigrams which might not give the option of other folders. Except for appdata which is automatic I saved nothing to my default profile structure. It's amazing how much crap is left as dead files in that folder structure from piss poor written programs, and just to mention it many leave so much crap in the temp folders they can get to be GBs in size. Adobe for example will error after it has filled the user temp files that it didn't cleanup, and the user has to fix this bs created by poorly written software.
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Built for Speed
Fort Wayne, IN
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+1. I've set every program that saves user data files (word processors, readers, spreadsheets, photo editors, etc) to save their files to subfolders within a single, separate "data" folder on a separate drive. It makes data backup much easier and faster. I've been doing this since back in Win98 days.
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Bloom County
reply to Kilroy
I guess I should be more surprised that I have yet to come across any. I have been using separate data and application partitions for years upon years.

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