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Bonaire, GA

Charter service questions

Milledgeville, GA 31061

Charter's just-Internet service looks appealing at $30, but I thought I'd ask you guys some questions about it since looking around their site and Googling hasn't lead to any of them being answered.

Is there a monthly bandwidth cap? How much?
Is there a contract I have to sign? Any cancellation fee?
Does the price go up after 12 months? How much?

Anyone have history with Charter in Milledgeville? What's their service like?

anon anon

Cap is 250 GB a month. IF it's enforced in your area. You have to go over 3 consecutive months before they cut you off.

No contract

Regular price is $50 a month.


Howard City, MI
reply to studios
get regular price in writing, also get price in writing to drop services you might not want after price goes up. hidden fee would include install or dropping service charges

compare price vs need

never agree to contract


there are no contracts anymore....so you CANT sign one if you wanted too. they will not give you prices "in writting" the prices are the same throughout the country. a new price/1 year price/ and final year price.


Howard City, MI
reply to norton
i got my prices in writing - i had person i spoke to over phone email me the offer - it sounded too good to be true and it was.
my point is find out what you will pay with deal and when deal runs out with hidden fee/charges.