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Re: Is outbound port 25 blocked/filtered

said by khockin:

Can anyone verify if AT&T Southeast filters outbound port 25?

Specifically I am wondering if you can reach the following 2 IP's on port 25 Port 25 Port 25

I need to verify this for all AT&T regions


AT&T in the SE region (legacy BellSouth area) filters outbound port 25 access to only mail.bellsouth.net for residential customers. All other inbound and outbound port 25 traffic is blocked for residential customers.

Business class customers are not supposed to have a port 25 block, but I have seen many small business customers who also have the same blocking as residential users. If you are a business class customer (which I assume is so based on the rDNS returns for the IP addresses you posted), and you ore experiencing port 25 blocking, contact your AT&T sales person to get the port 25 block removed from your account.
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