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Stanwood, MI
reply to ShellMMG

Re: [DSL] Bonded DSL Expansion in Grass Lake, MI News!


I've been asking for bonded dsl so I can get to 6mb/1.6mb but they say its not available


Grass Lake, MI
·Frontier Communi..
My best advice is to be a polite, squeaky wheel.

I've been told more than once by Frontier techs and supervisors that speed upgrade decisions are made by demand. If they get a lot of calls for them by an area they move up on the waiting list. Do you have neighbors you can encourage to call and request it? If you've got a hometown newspaper you could write them, and attend a city/township board meeting to let them know so the info can be inserted into the minutes and get coverage.

We The Desperate resort to some pretty odd tricks (I didn't have DSL until last year) to get someone -- ANYONE -- to deploy, but it pays off when it works. Good luck!


Jackson, MI
That's great news, Shell!
My parents finally got DSL a couple of months ago and are getting about 3Mbps. They were told that the age of the box on the corner of Mt. Hope & Reithmiller is what is slowing things down.

So - my guess would be that the local techs finally convinced someone higher up that the box needs to be upgraded to the new tall beige DSLAM. that's only a guess, but I'm pretty confident that that's what they would do.

Don't expect full bonding right off the bat. It took about a year for them to switch the DSLAM over to bonded mode at my place. "Stability break-in period" I was told.

Maybe you could get 12 meg service for the same $60 I pay?!? That would be amazing news.


Ok I just got off the phone with a frontier person.
So far they have me schedule for 12mb/2mb upgrade on my dry line.
Also I have another 12mb/2mb line being installed as well.

Now I didnt think out here in Grass Lake they had service that high so im waiting for the cancellation call but I will let you guys know after the 2nd. Both are suppose to be installed then.

They did not say whether these were bonded or not.


Grass Lake, MI
·Frontier Communi..
reply to ShellMMG
UPDATE: I've been searching for signs our remote box was going to be upgraded and I may have seen one: the extra cabling that was tied down on the cement pad (for a box that was supposedly unneeded) have been pulled back up and separated. Duh, why didn't they just put in the bigger one? I could've told them they'd have the customers!

I'm tempted to stick a note on them, telling them WE need bonded ASAP. My husband may be working from home more frequently soon (if he can get the State of Michigan to make a few allowances in mobile office usage).

I'll keep my eyes open for the new MUX at Riethmiller and Mt. Hope!