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Made of Hamburger
Dupont, WA
reply to Kearnstd

Re: Star Trek: 5/17/2013 Into Darkness

said by Kearnstd:

It is easier to gain viewers too when a show can be watched at any point.

for example I never got into lost so never watched it from the start. one night when channel surfing I put it on and had no idea WTF was happening. Yet with Star Trek TNG I could watch any point in all 7 season and get a full enjoyable and understandable TV episode of good scifi.

It goes both ways. Yes it is easier to start watching a show if each episode is 'stand alone' but having a story arc or shows that build upon each other allows people to see the development and tune in to see what happens next.

That is why I loved B5. Even though it had a story arc, there were many episodes (esp S1 and S2) that were essentially stand alone but might contain a small glimpse of the main story---tantilizing clues to the future. The stories built on each other. Made me want to make sure I watched it the following week. ST:TNG didn't compel me to watch every week. (I would still watch but if I missed one then no big deal).
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Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ

well today I think its easier to do arcing stories due to VOD and DVRs. TNG was made in an era where the only way to keep up was setting your VCR and remembering to do so.

Now its just tell your cable box to record all new episodes.
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