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united state
·Vitelity VOIP
reply to mgraves1

Re: Best headset for VOIP?

said by mgraves1:

According to the doc I found at their web site the Voyager Pro HD supports the following profiles:

- Advanced Audio Distribution (A2DP),
- Audio/Video Remote Control (AVRCP),
- Hands-free v1.5 (HFP), Headset v1.1 (HSP),
- Secure Simple Pairing (SSP)

» ··· g_en.pdf

OK, it must be using the HFP profile. From wikipedia:
Hands-Free Profile (HFP)

Currently in version 1.6, this is commonly used to allow car hands-free kits to communicate with mobile phones in the car. It commonly uses Synchronous Connection Oriented link (SCO) to carry a monaural audio channel with continuously variable slope delta modulation or pulse-code modulation, and with logarithmic a-law or -law quantization. Version 1.6 adds optional support for wide band speech with the mSBC codec, a 16 kHz monaural configuration of the SBC codec mandated by the A2DP profile.

» ··· 28HFP.29


Maplewood, NJ
I'm in love with my headset. I love it so much, I've bought several for family members.

Arctic P311, bluetooth stereo headset

The same model is sold under various different names.

I bought this to use it for both listening to music with my smartphone and making phone calls. It works great at that. I've connected it over bluetooth to my iphone, my Windows PC, and my Mac.

- Lack of a cord means it doesn't tangle.
- Decent quality audio. Not audiophile quality, but I'm fine with that.
- Excellent battery life
- volume controls
- buttons for forward and back a track (for music)
- so comfortable that I usually have it on my neck all day and don't notice it
- doesn't seal out all ambient sound, which is how I want it

The microphone is hidden somewhere in the headset, which only goes around the back of my neck and on the ears. The person at the other end hears my voice slightly muffled, and it is sometimes a problem, but not often.
Tom Reingold
Maplewood, NJ