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O Fallon, IL

Terrible Move

For as much ire as I have for AT&T, if I have to deal with the ineptitude of Charter's phone support for any "real" issues I will probably just disconnect my service.

The phone support is the worst I've ever dealt with in any industry and the Umatter2Charter team became the sole resource I'd turn to, because they understood anything technical you had for them and were able to actually get you results. They're the only reason I even still have service, as after my initial install, I had so many intermittent issues and phone support just kept sending tech after tech who would take a spot check of my signals and say everything is fine.

The Umatter2Charter team actually looked at the logs I had been keeping and ended up coordinating with a plant manager to re-run the feed to the tap in my yard. Problem solved! Phone support just kept insisting it was my problem and the one time I let myself suffer through their troubleshooting script and told them I was running Linux they said Charter didn't support Linux and I wouldn't be able to get on the internet without Windows or Mac OS. Clueless!

Another good program being axed for a corporate bonus I'm sure.