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Tulsa, OK
reply to Draiman

Re: Condo Assocation and Signed Agreements with Cable Provider

said by Draiman:

said by Majestik:

said by Draiman:

Ouch it looks like in Michigan only an annual meeting is required by law. It's quarterly for me on both properties I have with associations.

Every month where I live.

That would cost a ton of money to do sending out all the paperwork monthly. I'd also contend it boarders on excessive to the point where the board could spread out issues for votes in hopes people would miss it and they could sneak stuff in. I'd take real offense to a month meeting unless voting was restricted to once a year or quarterly meetings only.

Board meeting once a month. Always been that way here. No paperwork to send out. No cost. Coffee and tea might cost something. Homemade cookies or whatever. A lot of women here who like to cook and bake.
Discussions on resident issues or complaints.
Usually a guest speaker such as fireman to discuss home fire safety and prevention,police discuss home safety/security,learn to use portable resuscitator,saving a drowning victim,etc. getting to know new neighbors,District Councilor visits,discuss spring bake sale and annual spring garage sale,etc.
Always something going on here.
Voting ballots on anything are mailed to each resident usually the third week of December every year.Residents are informed and given detailed info and questions on any issue months before its time to vote.Any board member running for a position will present a detailed resume.
I think there has been one or two emergency issues we had to vote on that was not in December since I've lived here.

Monthly newsletter email has the board meeting,book club,Bridge club,game night,etc. date and time along ,monthly treasury report,property manager report,board member email address,classifieds,community news,etc.
This is a large gated community.
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