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Tyler, MN
reply to k9iua6

Re: [MN] High Latency, Packet Loss, Slow Speed, Disconnects, Hel

Mostly wired, wireless on my laptop, only other wireless router in my area that i can see scanning with a high gain antenna and usb adapter on my laptop is a neighbor about a block away and they are channels away.

Thanks for the suggestion but read my first post. It took a week and begging to get what i have now. I can't get them to give me a regular modem. I would prefer a dpc3000 or dpc3008 and not have the stupid gateway to begin with and put my router back in place, a router thats only two months old by the way, but when i begged for a docsis 3 this is what they gave me.

I shipped back my old RCA DCM425 because after they switched on the new service to that modem, the field tech said the DCM425 was more than sufficient for the 30/50mbps service, yeah right, then that modem just literally puked on me one night. I rebooted it a few times and i could get it to work for various periods of time but it wouldn't keep working.

Right now i have a desk fan aimed at the side of the DPC3825 and its been holding up a bit better, it only drops out with heavy file transfers as it starts to get hotter than the fan can handle now, you can feel the heat coming off of it. The case was so hot before putting the fan on there it was uncomfortable to hold in your hand.

I think its a defective gateway.... I might just buy a new DPC3008 and end the rental nightmare.


Dubuque, IA
I don't see why you needed to disconnect your old router. You should be able to plug your old router into the gateway and use that for your wired computers, letting the gateway function as your cable model - overkill, but it can be done that way. It adds a level, but no different than expanding from a second switch. You may have to put your router on a different lan (such as or something appropriate to the brand of router) or turn NAT off on your router so everything still gets their addresses from the gateway and you are aren't running two levels of firewall, but it can be done. And if your old router is a wireless one, you would want it on a different channel from the gateway's wireless, but it can be done. If you go this route, you might want to turn the wireless off on the gateway (if it can be done - I not familiar with this gateway) so it uses less electricity and therefore generates less heat.

Or you just get MediacomChad to get you another modem, regardless of the wait. As it is, you should have Chad to check your connections to make sure it isn't something upstream of your gateway, or some issue with your gateway not bonding channels properly, etc.


Tyler, MN
As i mentioned in my first post.... Nothing would cohabitate with this DPC3825. If i connected my router to it no matter how i set it up, i tried everything you mentioned and more, nothing would have internet, disconnect my router and plug directly into the DPC3825 and i would have internet again. I even tried putting my main desktop to the DPC3825 and then connected either my router or upstairs WAP to one of the other ports, the second, and i mean literally the second the cable clicked into the back, poof no internet on the main desktop or the rest of the network.

It just wasn't possible, i spent about 6 hours last night trying to make it work.

Now today i can get online if i connect to the wireless in the DPC3825 or plugged into it wired. But it randomly drops out and no internet. I started google searching and i found some mention of people having trouble with them as they got hot. I checked mine, i about dropped it when i grabbed it, it was hot enough to make it uncomfortable to hold. It's standing up on the end feet, on a shelf, nothing on either side of it for a couple feet, its in the clear, plenty of air, but its HOT. So i took a small desk fan and set it next to the DPC3825 and cranked it on high, after about a half hour it was nearly cool to the touch but you could feel the warmth coming out of the other side. Now i am online and getting good speeds, and lower latency, the packet loss has improved too. So it appears they really are prone to heat related failure.

I had Chad check everything, he said all is good and couldn't figure out why i was getting the numbers i was.

So now its been force air cooled for a while and here is the latest test, oh did i mention the speedtest.net website wouldn't load before but now that its cooled off it will? I am not making this up, its the weirdest thing ever.