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Boynton Beach, FL
reply to Michail

Re: Sacrificing functionality for simplicity

I think my original point may be a little misunderstood. I very much believe in design simplicity and ease of use. Technology should be intuitive and people oriented. We even gain new functionality out of good design. It just changes the way we do things and it may take time to adjust.

I even think the ribbon is good when it's set to auto hide, though I don't like the way it was done in Explorer. It takes a few more clicks to get some common things done.

I just think in some ways things are getting over simplified and functionality is being lost in the process.

A good point is bringing the full screen metro approach to the desktop. I was doing some heavy multitasking work the other day and I plugged my Windows 8 phone in. A metro app then took over my screen. Now it made syncing the phone super easy but I had to disrupt the work I was doing and then find my way back to the desktop.

I've also watched the Windows Essential tools degrade over time. Features were removed and UI changes were made that simplified the apps at the cost of features. Granted, they went after a target audience there.

Now on the business end of things I think some of the opposite has occurred. Developer tools have been increasing in complexity over time. It's a matter of the data consumer vs the data producer.