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Pierrefonds, QC
reply to ropeguru

Re: Reenforcing floor joists vs. thicker subfloor

You can use DeltaMS. There is a huge thread on redflagforums (canadian forum) regarding using DeltaFL vs. MS, some people even called the manufacturer, to be told that the only difference between the two is that the FL uses new plastic while the MS uses recycled plastic. So there's a chance of a plastic smell on the MS. Personally I didn't smell anything on the MS i bought.

So that's 80$ difference right there. Also with the MS, you can just buy one roll and buy a small roll of FL to fill the last 100 sqft needed for about 70$. So instead of 2x 193.52$, you have 1 x 150$ + 70$ = 220$ vs your 387$, so 167$ reduction.

The tape is a bonus. You're sealing seams, seams that also exist with dricore (and that's a lot more seams).

The T&G, you seem to be taking the price of plywood and not OSB. Dricore is OSB. If you're on a budget, 8x4s 23/32 OSB is 20.39$. That's a 181.60$ reduction

XPS is an optional bonus that costs a lot and isn't comparable to the cost of the dricore. But already, with the reductions I mentionned, you're only at 151$ more WITH the XPS. Without XPS, you'd be at 168$ CHEAPER than Dricore.