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4 Ever Young
·Cox HSI

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reply to StuartMW

Re: "They are just storing it"

Ooops. Catching up on news really isn't! And I even felt warm and fuzzy about that wonderful place.

So, I won't worry any more that they're going way overboard for what is supposed to be the "United" States, quote on united intended. Bob is getting more and more intrusive and very much not uniting anything. Guess I am really a terrorist...or shouldn't care about my email due to knowing nothing is secure in the first place. I do worry about my rights, which are being trampled on! We also may as well just delete this whole forum due to not having any security any more.

I will now get off of my soap box and sneak back to my closet.

Age is a very high price to pay for my maturity. If I can't stay young, I can at least stay immature!