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Edgewood, TX
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Re: [HT1000] Progress!!

1-3Mbps on a PowerMax Plan is NOT within MY parameters. Hell 8Mbps still isn't within MY parameters. I'm supposed to get 15Mbps, I want 15Mbps down pretty damn consistently. It's not a satellite issue. It's the goddam NOC and how they got the traffic shaping or whatever else that is set wrong.

West Mich.

It HAS to be your end or Your expectations are to high !

As said by Sara,

if you are concerned with your speed tests we must troubleshoot with you in order to address your concerns. Although it may seem like all speed concerns are due to the same reason (in your opinion a system issue) they aren't.

Every single system is different; your indoor and outdoor equipment is different, your location is different, trees, wires and structures all create variables that need to be considered when assessing your concern with your service. The weather in specific location is a variable (if your outdoor equipment is in a particularly windy spot you may be at a higher chance of needing a re-point than your neighbor who has a pole mount). The weather on a specific day is another factor (precipitation will always effect satellite service). I won’t go into the details of your system set up but depending in whether you are an HN7000, HN9000 or a Jupiter user there are literally dozens and dozens of combinations our engineers use to set up your system parameters. In addition, our installers make decisions based on what they see when they arrive to initially install your system. The plan you have makes a difference, the computer is another factor. Your network and the router that you are using. If you are on a wireless network, how your router is configured and how old it is. The usage in your household and when you use the system is another variable that needs to be considered. What you do online may also be a factor. As you can see each system can be effected by a number of factors and it's important for us to troubleshoot with you in real time in order to determine what it is that's causing your decreased speeds.

Considering all this I recommend giving us a call at 866 347 3282 and should you need additional help after speaking with one of our trained technicians posting your case number here. Thank you, Sara

Oh, and don't forget that case number.
Just because you are getting HN7000s performance on a Gen4 system and so are many others....does not a "trend" make.

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East Texas

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Re: [HT1000] Progress!!

I made someone mad again I guess. My speeds are back down to nothing again after having a good 7 days of 7000 to 8000. Which is not 10000 but close. Found out today that 4G is now available in town. Not sure about my area yet, but will be checking to see if I can get the Verizon Home Fusion LTE.

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Union City, PA
·HughesNet Satell..
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Re: [HT1000] Progress!!

your company is a joke!!!! I've emailed,online chat and been on hold 3 different times over an hour. how much are you getting paid for this post because you certainly must not have hughesnet for your internet provider!!!!!! the weather,the pointing of the dish,your so called trained techs are all a joke!!! you think im complaining about your service because its fun or i dont have anything better to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! simply put your company is not even coming close to what they advertise and that might be hughesnets only guarantee........

Reno, NV

OK smart ass, you are just ranting at other customers, try calling Hughes and ranting to them!!!!