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reply to Telco

Re: Wow, I can't see this being abused...

I've lived in the UK, Japan, and spent significant time in over 20 other countrys.

"Telco" is simply blinded by anti-American bias. The grass is not always greener on the other side.

First of all, most of Western Europe is suffering from terrible economic performance, with enormous unemploymnet rates. The UK, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and most other countrys on his list are economic basket cases. Japan has been in trouble for over a decade. Scandanvian countries are always cited by liberals as model countries, yet they ignore the fact that these populations are miniscule. The population of all the Scandanavian countrys combined do not equal that of a single large US city. They are also culturally homogenous, which makes establishing and agreeing on societal norms of behaviour much easier. Scandanavian countrys also benefit from the enormous revenues generated by selling off natural resources, especially oil, but also fish, timber, and minerals.

Most American's would be appalled at some of the conditions average Europeans have to contend with. There's plenty to like in Europe, but it's not the fantasyland some like to portray.