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[Southeast] DNS issues in NoVA (Chantilly area)?

Anybody here with FiOS in the NoVA area (Chantilly area, specifically) seeing DNS issues today?

For example, one particular website, doesn't seem to resolve (tried it with either Chrome or IE). I've also tried different the DNS servers (I was using Google's and switched back to VZ's own DNS servers) with no luck. Even went to the extent of releasing my external IP and got a new one assigned but still had the same issue. Occasionally, it would resolve. Everything was fine yesterday and nothing has changed. Incidentally, no issues with other websites (e.g.,, etc.).

Just wondering if there was an issue within Verizon's FiOS network somewhere relating to DNS?


united state
USDA.GOV shows to be down for more than just you.

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said by Mahalo:

USDA.GOV shows to be down for more than just you.

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Thanks! Interesting website above, BTW.

I've done a reboot on my ONT and all my devices and still the same, so at least now I know it's not me.