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Re: [Connectivity] Cannot Reach Website

said by Lautermilch2:

The Comcast person in chat mode is telling me the website is being blocked as a quick way to get me off the phone. It's a week old and has very little content.

If it is actually being blocked (and is not just a router config problem), it is more likely that particular IP address (which is shared with multiple site on the same web host) is what is being blocked, not that particular host/domain name. This is not an uncommon occurrence for web sites that use shared web hosting. This may simply be a case of the smell from one bad apple causing the whole bushel to be discarded.

I have a long list of IP addresses (and IP address blocks belonging to certain hosting companies) that I block in my firewalls.
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Fort Lauderdale, FL

I am the admin for the Comcast Business account at our company so I called the Business group for support. The tech explained I needed the security group so I called them and the tech was very good and explained that it might have been a fishing or malware site so it was blocked and he would create a ticket to get it unblocked but only if the issue was fixed that caused all of this. Two hours later and the website is back and I can continue building the forum.

thanks to all who replied.

Carpentersville, IL
Working for me now as well.

In case anyone is interested, I did another trace.

tracert lockedandloaded.org
Tracing route to lockedandloaded.org []
over a maximum of 30 hops:
  1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms  smoothwall []
  2    41 ms    30 ms    28 ms
  3    10 ms     9 ms    10 ms  te-9-1ur04.algonquin.il.chicago.comcast.net []
  4    17 ms    15 ms    15 ms  te-0-3-0-0ar01.area4.il.chicago.comcast.net []
  5    33 ms    23 ms    23 ms  he-3-9-0-0cr01.350ecermak.il.ibone.comcast.net []
  6    29 ms    15 ms    13 ms  pos-1-1-0-0pe01.350ecermak.il.ibone.comcast.net []
  7    24 ms    13 ms    13 ms as6461.350ecermak.il.ibone.comcast.net []
  8    13 ms    13 ms    14 ms  xe-4-2-0.cr2.ord2.us.above.net []
  9    46 ms    46 ms    68 ms  xe-0-3-0.cr2.dfw2.us.above.net []
 10    51 ms    67 ms    51 ms  xe-1-2-0.cr2.iah1.us.above.net []
 11    74 ms    73 ms    75 ms  xe-1-1-0.mpr4.phx2.us.above.net []
 12    88 ms   102 ms    86 ms []
 13    87 ms    87 ms    86 ms  be38.trmc0215-01.ars.mgmt.phx3.gdg []
 14    86 ms    86 ms    86 ms  be38.trmc0215-01.ars.mgmt.phx3.gdg []
 15    87 ms    86 ms    86 ms  ip-97-74-255-129.ip.secureserver.net []
 16    86 ms    87 ms   100 ms  p3nlhg324c1324.shr.prod.phx3.secureserver.net []
Trace complete.

--Brian Plencner

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