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land of big
reply to silbaco

Re: Not, a smart move, but definately a wall street move.

said by silbaco:

Social media is the increasingly popular way to seek support and is one of the furthest reaching methods.

Actually, that's not true. It's popular with kiddies, but it's very unpopular with adults. And the biggest problem adults have with it is the way everybody gets on there and shrieks but doesn't listen. It's like herding cats ...

How many "me too" posts does the world need? It's the freaking tower of Babel.


Carmel, IN


I could not resist.


reply to goalieskates

Actually, that's a ridiculous stereotype, believe it or not we adults are a pretty large demographic, and you don't speak for all of us.

I love social media for support. I've been a Charter customer for years (mostly because there is no comparable competing service available yet), and I've had to deal with phone support many times.

I have to say that my dealings with their social team were always much better. They resolved my issues quickly, whereas phone support once sent a technician out a week after we called. Yes, the guy was one week late for the appointment the Charter rep set up for us, and if that's not bad enough, if it had been the right day, he was also an hour late.

Charter's social team was even able to help me resolve issues where the phone support guys just flat out said "There's nothing I can do to help you." And it didn't involve any extra convincing on my part. I just went there, let them know what the problem was, and I had a solution within the hour.

I'm very disappointed in this move. The social team at Charter was one place where something good was happening at that company.


Houghton Lake, MI
reply to Boilermaker

Me Too

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said by mmainprize:

Me Too

Me three..
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