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Modem Upgrade

I had my modem upgraded to a Docsis 3.0 today by a metrocast tech, and my upload seems to slacking a bit. Prior to the upgrade I was averaging about a 2.3-2.4 mbp/s up speed.

»www.speedtest.net/result/2353807 ··· 7599.png

As seen above I am now averaging about 1.9 mbp/s. It's not really a huge deal, just a little strange seeing as it is an improved modem.


DCID Freq Power SNR Modulation Octets Correcteds Uncorrectables
Downstream 1 53 555.00 MHz 3.99 dBmV 35.97 dB 256QAM 67887867 0 0
Downstream 2 54 561.00 MHz 3.82 dBmV 36.17 dB 256QAM 47719341 0 0
Downstream 3 55 567.00 MHz 3.56 dBmV 35.97 dB 256QAM 52334871 0 0


UCID Freq Power Channel Type Symbol Rate Modulation
Upstream 1 2 32.75 MHz 41.25 dBmV Mixed (TDMA and ATDMA) 2560 kSym/s 16QAM
System Uptime: 0 d: 0 h: 32 m
Computers Detected: staticCPE(1), dynamicCPE(1)
CM Status: Telephony-Reg Complete
Time and Date: Wed 2012-12-05 17:59:13

Interface Parameters
Interface Name Provisioned State Speed (Mbps)
LAN Enabled Up 1000(Full)
CABLE Enabled Up
MTA Pass Up

I'm using the same computer as before the upgrade, I'm plugged directly into the modem, anything that may be using bandwidth is disabled including my antivirus. Ive tried serveral different speedtest sites and nearby servers all of which seem to get around the same result and the modem has been reset several times.

Anyone know why this might be happening?


Saluda, VA
Where are you located?


Northeastern, PA.


Saluda, VA


Could it be an issue with my modem only having 1 upstream channel? I've seen some of you other guys on the gamer package with 2-3 bonded upstream channels, but correct me if i'm wrong.