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Re: Hughes Gen4 is a FRAUD

Not sure why you stated that a secure FTP session gets stuck at 100-250Kbps, I just started a transfer from my web-server and was pulling around 800KB/s constantly for one xfer.

Dunno. Ask The Chief

Dawson Springs, KY
reply to Liberty
said by Liberty:

Not true
In southern Az they aren't installing anymore Gen4s
Beam loaded

I'm more inclined to think "gateway loaded". Here in western KY I can see Beams 31 and 38. Four IPGWs (gateways) are indicated on Beam 31, but only 3 of them are currently active. Beam 38 has at least 5 IPGWs, not all of them are active yet ither.

So the question becomes, how many IPGWs do you see on that southern AZ beam? If more than one, have you tried Beam Over-ride?

HN7000S - 98cm Prodelin/2w "pure" Osiris - ProPlus - G16/1001H - NOC:GTN - NAT - Gateway - DNS and - Firefox 15/MSIE9 - AV/Firewalled by NIS2012


I agree with the thought of the gateway being loaded and not the beam. They will probably do more additions to an existing gateway later on provided they feel there is enough potential for that gateway/beam to generate more customers.


Schulenburg, TX
reply to greenneck
HughesNet is FRAUD period. I spent 4 hours after three of my four calls into their customer support center to get my account closed. I'm changing my ISP to Millenicom BYOD Plan. I was on their HN9000 and I was playing $142 a month for 900MB download allowance! LOL!